About us and our Website

clickcandy.co.za is a web services company, that offers a bouquet of affordable Websites and services to Small & medium size organisations (SME).

Our services


We live in a society where information is key.  The more your customers know about you, and what you do the better.  Hence it has become an absolute necessity for any business or orginasation to have a website of their very own.  We offer a full range of website site solutions,  from a basic WordPress site, to a custom developed website with advanced features as per the clients requirements.


A Blog is a very good tool to promote your website and communicate with your customers, letting them know what your orginasation is up to.  Blogs are normally filed with loads of information.  By linking a blog to your website, your Google rating will improve as Google loves good content.  It is also a very good advertising tool.


Building a fantastic website or blog means nothing if people can access it or view it in as little as posible time.  Our hosting solution allows our customers to host their websites, domain, email etc with us on lighting fast servers that are always accessible.   Our partnership with Siteground.com also ensures that your site is protected, all ways on and best of all affordable.

Domain names

There is nothing wrong with using a gmail email account for your personal day to day emails.  But if you want to be taken serious in the business word, you need to have your own online identity.    We offer a full range of .co.za, .com, .biz etc domain names for your website.    Domain names are renewed annually and a lot more affordable with clickcandy.co.za than most people think.

E-commerce solutions

clickcandy.co.za offer our customers the option of selling their products and services directly on their website or Facebook.  This includes a secure shopping cart and payment portal.  By adding a store to your website or Facebook page, you can do so much more than just advertise, you can now sell!!


For a non technical user, the internet can be a pretty intimidating place.  Our consultants will help you navigate through all the Buzz words, and clutter on the World wide web.  We can advice on what solutions and services will suit your needs best.  Now there is no more need to be confused about word such as “The cloud”, “Content Management” or “Big data”.

Social Media advertising

Getting a website up and running is great. But driving driving new traffic to your website is a whole new ballgame.  We can assist you in setting up a online marketing campaign to promote your products and services to new customers.  We build tailor made solutions for our customers, that fits any budget.