Terms & Conditions

Legal stuff

By making use of Clickcandy.co.za services you automatically agree to these terms and conditions. We can update and change our terms and conditions at any time without notice. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they check back to the website regularly for the updated terms and condition’s.


New Projects

No work on a new project will be started before a completed application form is received.   This applies to New and existing customers.

Commitment on acceptance of service.

Once the customer submits an application form, the customer is committed to the project. If the customer cancels the project before completion they will still be liable for the full amount as per the package or product they selected.

Turnaround time

Clickcandy.co.za will endure to try and deliver a completed website within 48 hours, should all the content, artwork and any required documents be received in full beforehand.   Clickcandy.co.za will not offer any discounts or compensation for any overdue projects.   The delivery timeline is only a guideline based on the current workload, project size and complexity, and can not be used as a definite deadline.

Our turnaround times also exclude domain name, DNS service registrations and domain transfers. We can only attempt to keep to our timelines if the website and solution is hosted by us.


As website, as well as the .co.za domain will only be published once full payment has been received.


Websites that are pending payment will only be saved in the Staging phase for a maximum of 7 days. There after the staging service will be suspended.   If a payment is not received within 30 days, the website will be removed from our servers.

Domain Registration

New domains will only be registered/purchased once full payment have been received by clickcandy.co.za. Annual domain re registration charges may vary depending on the domain type and the ZAR USD exchange rate. Prices listed for Domain name registration is only a estimate and may change.

Domain Renewal

Domains needs to be renewed annually, 3months in advanced.   If the domain has not been renewed or full payment received before the final expiration date, the domain will be canceled.   Clickcandy.co.za will charge a re-registration fee of R550 to reactivate domain names that have expired.

Domain Transfers

Existing domains can be transferred to Clickcandy.co.za. Clickcandy.co.za will assist the customer in transferring a domain from an existing provider with all reasonable methods. Because clickcandy.co.za is not the domain owner the customer will take responsibility for the domain transfer.

Transferring away

Customers are welcome to transfer their website and domain name away from Clickcandy.co.za at any time. It is the customers responsibility to inform Clickcandy.co.za within a reasonable time frame of such a request. ClickCandy.co.za will assist any ISP or hosting provider with a request to transfer, only if we have explicit written permission from the Domain and Content owners.

Service Cancelation

A customer can cancel their service with Clickcandy.co.za at any time.   All information, data and content will be removed from our servers within 48 hours after receiving a cancelation request.   Once the data has been removed it will be unrecoverable. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they have transferred or backed up all the information they wish to keep before submitting a Cancelation request.   A Cancelation request will only be accepted if it is received in writing for the Domain and Content owners.

Web hosting

Web hosting is renewable annually. If full payment is not received before the hosting expiration date, the website will be suspended, and transferred back to the staging environment. There after the Staging conditions will apply.

Expired services

Expired services will only be kept on our servers for a maximum of 30 days. There after all content and information will be permanently deleted from our servers. Clickcandy.co.za will charge a re-activation fee of R550 to reactivate services that have expired due to non payment.

Invoices & Payments

All invoices are due on presentation. To prevent service interruptions and termination payments must be received within 48 hours after invoice.

Non-acceptable use of services

Clickcandy.co.za will not tolerate, host or be affiliate with any person, organization or website that are involved, promote or make use of but not limited to the following:

  1. Pornography
  2. Racism and or discrimination.
  3. Illegal activities / services.
  4. Terrorism
  5. Criminal Activities.
  6. Dealing / distribution of Narcotics.
  7. Hate speech.
  8. Fronting
  9. Fraud
  10. Piracy & Copyright Violation.
  11. Deliberate False advertising.
  12. Violation of he South African Law.
  13. Phishing & 419 Scams.

We reserve the right, to at our own discretion suspend or terminate any service that is suspected to operate / participate in any way or form in any of the Non-acceptable uses.

Guarantee , Damage and Liability

Clickcandy.co.za does not offer any Guarantee on any of our products or services. By accepting our terms and conditions you exempt Clickcandy.co.za, its staff, owners, agents and affiliates from any liability for any loss or damage caused by our services, interruptions, missed deadlines or defective products.


Clickcandy.co.za offer email support on our products and services. Additional support can be purchased at an additional rate.

Other Terms & Conditions my apply.